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App Marketing Business Idea – Launch This Much Needed Service

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I know I have already put up over 200 awesome business ideas (100 awesome business ideas for 2014 and 100 awesome business ideas 2015 & 2016) on this website so far but this idea needed its own blog post as I think its huge and in much demand.




There are around 19,000 new apps launched every month! 19,000!

This blog caught my eye recently. It was founded by Per Harald Borgen who founded an app called Disco Fingers – their new app which they we’re journaling the pre and post-launch progress. The angle was that they had spent 2.5 years and over 7,000 hours on this startup. This guy had spent all of his savings and even borrowed money from his mum and as of day 1 of their journey they had $53,561 in their bank and this would buy them a 100-day runway before it ran out. So they figured they needed to bring in $15,000 every month to make this a success – I must admit, after looking at this and the app – I would keep my $53,561 in the bank! Maybe use the $3,561 on marketing but definitely keep the $50,000 safe.

What was surprising to read throughout his blog is that very few posts concentrate on any real marketing activities – they talk about marketing but not much action, recording, testing etc

I can predict where this story will end – like most apps.

Gone are the days of launching your app and naturally everyone finding it – its now very competitive.

I also know that a certain UK venture fund won’t touch apps unless you have an iron-clad guarantee for some miraculous marketing plan like having Madonna promote it for you!


Wait a minute! How much would Madonna promote a music app for? Disco Fingers – I think I know what you should spend your $53,561 on….


So the we can see the pain – take Disco Fingers – will they really sit around and blog about their measly downloads and lack of press coverage paying themselves $53,561 until it runs out? Yep – most likely.

Why? I’m not sure why but humans have an amazing habit of not doing what they should be doing. 19,000 apps released each month and I bet you 99.9% of them (thats 18,981) don’t even know the 5 biggest mistakes when marketing an app. I bet you those 18,891 couldn’t even come up with 10 ways to market an app, or even talk about one growth hacking strategy that has helped an app launch before. In fact there are 736,000 responses in Google to my term ‘app marketing’. Now we could get all of these app owners to read them all and then they would have the secret sauce on how to make their app work right? Nope. Because we still have this weird phenomenon where people don’t fricking act. They read ten articles – feel inspired and then feel overwhelmed or they try 5 things at once for like an hour and get no results.

So you see – the pain and the problem go deeper than just ignorance and lack of education


YOU! Want to start a business that will cost you less than $150 to start and command a $999 per month/per client recurring fee?

Then read on people.

There are 18,891 people this month all scratching their heads right now just like our Disco Finger friend. They have this amazing app that they have spent hours building, designing, coding, testing, fixing and more testing and now they are overwhelmed about this “marketing’ thing.

So what you need to do is educate yourself on solid, proven tactics to market mobile apps. Let’s jump straight into what you need to do:

DISCLAIMER: DON’T SAY YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT APPS. Oh dear – you’re not thinking that are you? Come on friend we can say this about anything and everything! This is the devil of all demotivation for any business idea – don’t let it put you off. Deep down its fear – fear wrapped in some smart arsed observation. Let me ask you a question: did you click those 3 links above? The links about app marketing mistakes, marketing ideas and a growth hacking story? If not then go back and do it and read it with interest. Then take the satisfaction that when you now speak to these 18,1891 app owners – you can talk for 10 minutes about nothing but successful ways to market their app, tell them mistakes to watch out for and also a growth hacking idea that worked for Orange Group Apps – man if I was an app owner I would shut up and listen to you! So forget this I don’t know enough or I’m not good enough – you are and you will be if you follow this blog post. So say “fuck you fear I’m gonna make some money”. Done? Good – let’s jump back into the post.


Now just take a minute, listen to the water flowing – and back to the post…

  1. Grab a coffee

Ok grab a coffee – massive heap with a sugar and drink it hot. I now want you to hit Google with a spreadsheet or note app open. Google “app marketing“, “app marketing case studies“, “app marketing growth hacks” and say “app marketing ideas” and go through the first 10 pages of each term. Any good articles make a note and link to them in your spreadsheet.

By the end of this exercise not only will you have a good knowledge base to turn to but you can also use this in shaping your marketing message and also products that you will offer.

If you don’t have the time to do this yourself you can always hire a researcher via oDesk for a few dollars but I recommend you do it and get familiar and excited about the opportunity.

What you need is say 10 core app marketing products or services to offer: for example one of them could be mobile app retargeting campaign. So read the previous article and then combine it with this to have a solid plan for running a mobile app retargeting campaign.

Once you have your 10 products/services then you’re ready to bring the idea to life!

Any idea that remains in your head is as good as lighthouse without a bulb.


  1. LAUNCH!


Come up with a good name for this idea – hit me up if you need help – lets say we like the name “APP FAMOUS”.

Go to and check to see what domains are available. – I’m pretty cool with the .com of my first idea for a domain not being available and the great thing with is that they tell you every extension so you don’t have to run round different domain companies searching.

So as usual someone has but they are not using it. If it led me to an app marketing business then I would naturally not use this name – but it doesn’t and if I Google ‘app famous‘ it doesn’t really bring anything up that would conflict our business so App Famous is a great name!

So I would purchase (how long before someone grabs this – if you it’s you PLEASE DO SOMETHING WITH IT!)

Next up I would go to Namechk and see what social media vanity URL’s there are for ‘appfamous’ wow there are lots of available vanity URL’s for this – winner!

Especially and – go get’em!

Next up we need to get our hosting on and also get a website up as fast as lightning.

Grab your FREE domain name with this hosting package at BlueHost – its cheap as chips, you get a free domain and you can cancel anytime and get the remaining months money back!

For a limited few I can help you out with hosting and installing your WordPress theme – check out the offer here and be quick!

I have an even better offer available for a couple of people who act fast – a FREE WEBSITE! Check it out here.

Next up you need a logo – you don’t need no agency for this – I get a good looking logo like my WPdemand logo done for $99 in a matter of hours. Need help with a decent logo quick and want your social media skins thrown in for the same price? Hit me up.

Now we need to setup our social media channels and especially twitter. Ensure your logo, icons and skins look good. See my twitter for example.

To populate your feed go to and enter ‘mobile app marketing’ and then put these links into your social media feed.

Well done – you’re now live!




Sales and marketing puts a very bad taste in peoples mouths – usually because we have at some point in our lives experienced a high pressured desperate sales persona trying to ram something we don’t want down our throats! If you have got this far then well done – I don’t mean reading this far, in fact just like the 18,891 of the 19,000 app owners some 99.9% of people reading this who want to start a business but don’t know how won’t take any action. If they do – they will get to step to above and stop.

This part is the most important and STOP if your fear has woken again to start the mantra “but I can’t sell/I’m not a salesman/woman’. If you haven’t sold before then great – you won’t have to unlearn all the sales shit. In fact we won’t do any selling in this business idea – just helping people.

Although its not about sales – it is about numbers, high numbers of persistence. You need to be connecting with around 100 app owners over a 5 day period to get a few thousand $$$$ per month. Make a note of that – i reckon out of 100 connections you make, you might only interface with 10 and maybe 5 will be on board and 1 gives you money. I could be wrong but these are the realists stats I am setting you. Most people expect 100 out 100 people they connect with to buy and then get downhearted when reality shows up. This is why we need persistence. So for the first month of business you may need to give up something or stay up later to get this done. NOTE – I am writing this post after my work, work, work – yep and it’s 03:04am.

OK enough with my Tony Robbins rants! Onto hustling!

PRICE: Here are my thoughts on setting a price. Most PR agencies wouldn’t entertain the thought of representing a company for less than $3000. Plus most PR agencies wouldn’t understand what a mobile app is. General judgement here – sue me. So how about offering 3 of your 10 strategies for $999 per month. Sell the service that results will be over a 3 month period minimum. They can pay you monthly in advance and there are no contracts. You sit down with the client and identify which 3 out of your 10 strategies you will work on. Also give an overview of each strategy – here’s what it is and here is an example of the results. So 3 strategies for $2,997 – I bet Disco Fingers would go for that with their $53,561


When something works for me in business I tend to replicate it and and push it. So to get you started to land your first customer I am going to give one strategy of landing your first client instead of ten overview tips. BTW – this has worked for me in many different businesses I have ran and used it regularly to test an idea.

Twitter – it all starts with twitter so ensure you have branded your account and maybe follow “followback” titled accounts – usually if you follow 3-5 you get 20-30 followers so at least you look semi-established. Make sure your stream is populated with mobile app marketing titles and tips and if possible link all of the articles to your blog so people land on your site. Also ensure your account says something like “We make your mobile app famous – lets talk!”. Ensure you have a link to your site setup in your profile also.

OK now we need to go and spend time where all of the new mobile app owners are hanging out. Right now these app owners will be like street hookers desperate for their first client on a cold winters night (no offence to desperate hookers). They need uses, coverage, anything! So one place is to start with BETA List. This is the number one site that every mobile app entrepreneur will be trying to get featured on and the beauty is – there’s lots of apps and they all haven’t launched yet – so time to engage with them.

So ensure everyday you review the apps featured and ensure you signup for their beta list on their site using your email as most founders will be checking their mail lists daily and checking who has signed up. Then go and follow the on twitter, favorite their latest tweet, compliment their website or logo etc anything to get their attention. They will check you out – you don’t need to tell them what you do – they will get it. Trust me. Most people will want to spam everyone with “I DO APP MARKETING, I DO APP MARKETING”. Stop it!

I would give three days and then do the next thing.

Find the founders email – you can do this by Googling “whatsapp founder” for example or looking at their profile on CrunchBase or if they are listed. If not check their twitter account followers as usually a founder follows their baby! Once you have the founders name….. feck it….. let me just show you LIVE!

So I have headed over to BETA LIST – I see an app featured called Bundle


Now we’re lucky that this one has a contact and his email publicly displayed on their website!


But say that you didn’t have the luck of just finding their email this easily you could use a service like this one to verify the founders email address. If it turns green – that’s the one!

My email to them would be something like:

Hey Michael

I’m Saras with App Famous and we help apps become famous via super-focused app marketing strategies.

When you’re ready I would love to jump on Skype for 20 minutes as I have some ideas on how Bundle could gain some good traction.

I’ve attached a short document with 5 Biggest App Marketing Mistakes and we have some other helpful articles over on our blog.

Love the landing page design!




It would be no more than and you can make it personal to your approach, don’t put anything that you wouldn’t normally say.

I would ask my designer to mock me up a short pdf like a playbook or even put a link to a SlideShare in the email.


  1. ACT NOW – You have nothing to lose – for less than $150 and with my help you have no excuse either! One step you can do is email me and tell me your going to do it.
  2. There are hundreds of sites just like BETA LIST – don’t be defeated thinking the way I have given you is the only way – there’s so many other channels to explore PLUS it takes a lot to land on BETA LIST these days so there are even more app entrepreneurs out there desperate for someone like you. Here are 11 more places to look.
  3. Keep hustling – everyday connect with 35 prospect app entrepreneurs. Do it from the comfort of your bed while watching TV if you want – just do it.

As ever – if you need any advice or want to ask a question – hit me up.

Leave a comment below – I accept there will be negative people that feel the need to point out every failure and flaw in this above plan and so don’t waste your poison here as it won’t be approved! Positivity only!

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