What we do:

WPdemand is a company offering free business ideas, tools & resources, coaching and consulting services to all savvy entrepreneurs. What we can do for you include help with clarifying and polishing business ideas. Help with installing WordPress website supporting your new venture and much more.

Most of our clients are people who want to start local or online businesses, want to work from home or just create an extra income stream. If you recognize yourself in this description, you should know working with WPdemand means:

  • Getting the motivation you need to finally do something about your dream
  • Getting great advice on your existing business ideas and if needed – whole new ones
  • Getting help in the launching phase of the business and coaching to help you make it successful

Our methods of work are practically tested and proven to help you get from idea to profit.

How we got here:

My name is Saras Siurna and I am the creator of WPdemand.


I know for a fact that in an ideal world, many people would quit their jobs and run their own businesses. There are many things that stop them but a big one is often the questions “So what do I do?”

After starting a few of my own online profitable businesses, I decided I want to help these people live the life they truly want. I can analyze and clarify your vague business idea or give you one based on your strengths and experience. After that, I can help you make it successful.

If I can have a few prosperous businesses, so can you – just ensure you have all my expertise behind you when you start.

How we can work together:

If you are impatient to start your new professional life, you are in the right place. To get useful tips about coming up with suitable business ideas and starting on your own, subscribe to my e-mail list HERE.

Or, you can contact ME for booking coaching or consulting services and ordering your free website installation.

There is nothing better than managing your life the way you want to and reaching financial freedom while you do that – give yourself this experience by contact WPdemand today.