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100 Awesome Business Ideas For 2015 And 2016

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Another 12 months has past – and another 100 Awesome Business Ideas for 2015 and 2016!

If you missed the blog post of 100 Awesome Business Ideas For 2014 then get it HERE!  Also you can read my blog post about App Marketing Business idea HERE.

Last year’s post received over 50,000 hits in the first 3 days and I received over 130 emails from people all over the world that thanked me for the ideas and told me they we’re inspired to at least start one of them!

One guy sent me an email saying I had annoyed him as there we’re too many for him to decide upon one!

This year I have sectioned my ideas into the following categories:

Ideas 1-24 low cost business ideas can be started for $250 and under

Ideas 25-49 will be mobile app business ideas

Ideas 50-75 will be physical product ideas

Ideas 76-100 will be another good business ideas!

24 Low Cost Business Ideas 25 Mobile App Business Ideas

26 Product Business Ideas 25 Good Business Ideas


Over the past 12 months I have still received a lot of emails from people and the same question keeps on coming in: HOW DO I GET STARTED?

So launching in 2016 I will be starting a new venture from scratch. The idea is still sitting in my mind right now like a ghost in a prison cell. But come 2016 I will unleash this idea and then over the next 100 days bring it life with paying customers. It’s weird to think there are people out there now that come 2016 will be putting money into my pocket! What I’m also going to do is take 500 people with me on this journey so they can see exactly what I do down to even what I think. It will be raw with daily updates, links, step by step instructions to show you what I do (hey, you could even follow) and many failures. But at the end of the it I should have another revenue generating business venture and you will have first hand experience of how I do my thing when it comes to business.

Im not sure how I will run it yet but I want to make myself available to everyone that follows so I am going to limit this to do just 500 people. Anyway I think you should at least get your name on the list and I will drop you an email when its live – click the banner below:

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